Doggie Daycare


  • Currently, we are only accepting pups 30lbs and under.

  • Must be six months old or older.

  • Neutered or spayed.

  • Monthly flea treatment.

  • Harness recommended.

  • Click here to see which three vaccinations are required to join.


See below to see what you'll need to enroll your pup today!



Instead of leaving your dog at home alone all day, why not leave them here at Fluff & Puff! Now, you can have a peace of mind knowing your dog will be in a safe environment and enjoying a day with other friends!

We know it's important to find a great dog day care facility that will give your dog the individual care and attention that they receive at home, and that's exactly what they have here at Fluff & Puff! We have an all day staff member that will look after your little one and play with them until you return to pick them up.

Our indoor area is designed as if visiting your favorite relatives house. After your pet has played and wants a little down time, they can go to the beds and take a nap. After taking a break from the indoor playground, the dogs will be taken on outdoor walks three times a day!​

Just as human beings need human companionship, puppies need canine companionship. There are just certain needs that can only be fulfilled by being with that special soul you have something uniquely in common with.

  • Shy dogs will gain self-esteem and confidence
  • Dogs that suffer from boredom and/or separation anxiety will find a new joy in life
  • Dogs lacking in exercise will find the aerobic exercise to keep them healthy
  • Dogs that are shy of strangers will learn to trust their new care givers


The list just goes on and on. You will have a calmer, happier and healthier pet that will have something to look forward to!

What's good for your dog is equally good for you!




Rabies vaccine:

Vaccination to prevent contraction of the rabies virus.  Required every three years (first vaccinations should be between six months to a year old)

DHPP or DA2P or (5 in 1):

Vaccination against canine distemper, hepatitis (canine adenovirus-2 and -1), parvovirus, and parainfluenza.

Every one - three year vaccine.



A.KA, "Kennel Cough" vaccine. Every six months - one year. Note: Bordetella vaccinations are not automatically administered by most veterinarians unless requested. Please double check your paperwork prior to coming for your appointment.


**NOTE! No exceptions will be made without vaccinations. All three vaccines must be current and presented at the time of your pups' appointment. This is for the safety of your dogs, their surrounding four-legged friends and the Fluff & Puff caretakers. Fluff & Puff has the right to cancel/reschedule appointments if vaccinations are not presented at the scheduled time. Please double check all documents before arriving to your appointment.